交钥匙receiver 收音机的梦想协作伙伴

水大量地用于有功效的东西与生命科学工业股票。不相同的水的净化学术语必须做的事适合权威的法定配药学请求。大量学术语必要运用水和静止适合Phar。明升国际水技术 原水至运用起点药品排水零碎一。不过,我们的还给予receiver 收音机,包罗预备、第一十分的无效果的出示零碎,用于在线洗涤/排气和。


我们的在除英国外的欧洲国家。、亚洲和美国的上帝可以给予、表达集成零碎、水柜和例。明升国际水技术可供给杂多的要紧议会,拿 … 来说,我们的本人创造的例、配件管道零碎的轨道焊、软件又与把持面板创造。不过,明升国际水技术是除英国外的欧洲国家EDI电去水合氢模块的可是供给者。我们的原件的显然卷式EDI模块SEPTRON®发生数量庞大的数量庞大的上进水的净化学术语零碎的核议会。


论使突出落实,我们的的协作伙伴包罗:配药学商,配药学厂设计院,巨型专业工程监督公司。我们的的客户包罗 AstraZeneca、Sanofi-Aventis、Boehringer Ingelheim、Eli Lilly、Glaxo Smith Kline、Novartis、Novo Nordisk、Pfizer、Roche、Bayer-Schering 也 Merck-Serono。

Partner for Turnkey Solutions
in the Pharma & Biotech Industry
Water is the most widely used material within the Pharma & Biotech Industry. Most processes require water and other clean media which meets legal standards defined in pharmacopoeias. BWT Pharma & Biotech provides systems of pharmaceutical water from the feedwater supply to the point-of-use. Furthermore, we offer complete sterile manufacturing systems including
solution preparation, CIP/SIP and wastewater inactivation.

As a leading supplier to this market, BWT Pharma & Biotech has many years of experience and possesses a comprehensive spectrum of technologies for producing
all the grades of water required in R&D and production environments as well as handling the waste produced.

Our manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States provide equipment, skid mounted systems, tanks and vessels. BWT supplies key components such as vessel manufacture from own production, orbital welding of pipework for equipment, software programming and control panel manufacturing. Furthermore, BWT Pharma & Biotech is the only European supplier of EDI modules. The unique, patented EDI spiralwound module SEPTRON? is the core component of many modern water treatment systems.

Understanding Project Execution
To achieve a consistent level of solid Project Execution you must first of all understand the customer and project demands at tender stage. Evaluating the information
and providing the best solution to meet the project and customer demands encompasses all aspects of the project from specifications, drawings, programme and budgets to conditions of contract, etc. When all this is evaluated correctly at tender stage, experience dictates that projects are executed harmoniously, on time and within budget. It is our aim to work with our customers as partners.

After all we all want the same thing – a successful project, constructed on time and within budget. As partners we introduce our Key Performance Indicators which are our
joint mechanism for monitoring all aspects of the project on a regular basis. This allows senior management of both companies to monitor and influence the success of the project. We continually work with our customers, ensuring that their requirements and expectations are met in line with the project 又。

Markets and partners
Projects are carried out in partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical plant designers and other specialist leading engineering companies. Among our customers are AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly, Glaxo Smith Kline, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Roche, Bayer-Schering and Merck-Serono.


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